Off-Highway Vehicles

Large motors are not always stationary. West Fraser’s experts repair the motors and systems found in the heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles critical to mining and other site-based resource industries. We are a certified GE OHV repair facility, and we service units from all manufacturers.

We know that your work relies on your heavy equipment, so we are committed to providing you with full-service repairs within tight timelines. Complete state-of-the-art diagnostics with fully-documented reporting help our technicians work efficiently to resolve your issue. We address the operational performance and failures of all AC and DC wheel motors. Additionally, we supply or machine replacement parts and subassemblies, and we offer an exchange program for immediate coverage, as needed.

We encourage regularly scheduled maintenance for your vehicles when they’re not on a job. WFEM offers maintenance training for our clients to ensure the continued operational performance of your fleet and to reduce potential downtime.

Ask us about on site training for your wheel motor to improve your total hours of operation. Know when your wheel will fail before it happens. Contact Us.

Your heavy-duty vehicles are at the core of your operations. Depend on our highly skilled team to keep their motors running.