Motor Audit

Comprehensive on-site motor audits for better business results

Having a comprehensive understanding of your inventory is critical to your operational and financial success.

At WFEM, we understand that inventory issues can lead to costly downtime, unnecessary delays, increased procurement costs, and frustration for leadership and employees alike.

We also know it’s challenging for procurement and maintenance staff to complete a detailed inventory analysis when they are focused on meeting production goals. 

That’s why we’ve developed a detailed audit program that takes the pressure off your people, saving you money and precious time.

Our audit is conducted by motor experts and provides you with a complete understanding your assets, both in service and in stores.  All applications have unique challenges with regard to physical space restrictions and performance demands.  

One of the most common site challenges we see is that motor technology has changed over the years, and many designs are now obsolete.  We can help you transition from the old to the new, saving you time and frustration and allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive.  

We are trained in AutoCAD and can design and build Transition Bases in house, so you are ready to put a current motor design as a bolt-in replacement of an obsolete frame.  And in the case of shaft size differences, our full machine shop can modify any shaft so that everything is simple and matches up on your end.

We focus on your needs from the moment we start your audit to the moment we hand over your completed file.

Our goal is your business success. You can rely on us to deliver a simple, easy-to-understand, and thorough audit process that will help you improve your downtime and your bottom line.

Finally, we’re always there for our clients. We know our Motor Audit Program is highly beneficial for maintaining and controlling inventory levels. And we will continue to work with you over time to help you maintain a clear understanding of your stores.  

If you’re interested in our Motor Audit Program, contact us to learn more. You can speak with one of our trained experts, and they will take you through our process and provide you with a service quote.