Root Cause Failure Analysis

Course Description

One of the most important factors to consider when repairing motors is why they failed. EASA’s new seminar, “Root Cause Failure Analysis,” focuses on common as well as unusual types of failures broken down by motor components.

The seminar is intended for anyone interested in understanding motor failures, and those who want to serve customers by addressing the cause of failure rather than the symptom. An extensive resource manual includes photographs of a wide range of failures, with the likely causes listed. It also provides a clear methodology for confirming the probable cause of each failure.

Seminar Leaders

Austin Bonnett is a renowned motor expert. He has served on NEMA, IEEE, EPRI, EASA and DOE committees. A Fellow of IEEE and a retired vice president of technology for Emerson Electric, he currently serves as EASA’s Education and Technology Consultant.

Chuck Yung is a technical support specialist at EASA Headquarters in St. Louis. Prior to joining EASA, he held various positions in the electrical apparatus sales and repair industry for 25 years. He regularly contributes technical articles to EASA’s newsletter, CURRENTS, and various trade publications.

Cynthia Nyberg is also a technical support specialist at EASA Headquarters. Before joining EASA’s staff in 1999, she worked at Emerson Electric as an applications engineer. She also writes technical articles for CURRENTS.

Seminar Highlights

Resource manual. A valuable resource manual, with its many photographs, will provide long overdue support in explaining to customers why a motor failed.