Motor Storage

 We help our clients prepare for the unknown

At West Fraser Electro/Mechanical, we understand the importance of reducing downtime and having critical motor backups available and running well. That’s why we can facilitate off-site, heated, indoor storage for our clients’ backup critical motors. 

The storage facility in Prince George has 80,000 sq/ft of storage space for your largest equipment. It is secure and safe from water damage, fire, theft and provides clients with a reliable and cost-effective way to mitigate the risk of economic loss.

When you store your motor with us, we make sure you have a spare  that not only works but is also being maintained and looked after by WFEM.

While your motor is in storage, we make sure it is always in the best possible condition. Our team of qualified technicians conducts regular inspections and maintenance work for you. After each maintenance check, our team provides you with a detailed work report so you can be confident that when you need your motor, it will work. If at any point you would like to check-in and have a look for yourself, we are more than happy to help you book a visit through the warehouse crew. 

And we guarantee that if the day comes when you need your motor, it will not only be in top shape, but we will also load and ship your motor within a few hours. Simply give WEFM or the warehouse a call to get the process started. 

At WEFM, we understand the trust you place in us, which is why we have designed a simple but responsive storage process to ensure your motors are maintained and ready when you need them. If you’re interested in our Motor Storage service, contact us to discuss our delivery process and maintenance schedule.