Field Service

Many large motor applications are not designed to move. But we are.

West Fraser’s field service experts provide comprehensive onsite repairs, analysis and testing, and preventative maintenance for machinery that cannot be brought to the shop. We can address disruptions to your critical processes. We will provide onsite Vibration analysis, laser alignment, and more. We also arrange removal and installation of your largest machines.

We respond quickly to emergency situations, such as equipment failure or outages, with well-considered solutions to minimize your downtime. Our highly qualified mobile technicians can get your machines back up and running with less interruption to your workflow. 

Regular Maintenance is Key.

We know that regular maintenance is also critical for the longevity of your hardworking machines. 

Our field services extend to predictive testing and general upkeep of your facility. We offer environmentally-sound dry ice (CO2) blast cleaning, helping to ensure that your motor is in excellent working order and running in its optimum condition. We will set up Vibration Routes for your critical equipment and provide real reports with solutions to issues we find.

Rely on West Fraser to bring our expertise to you.